Thursday, April 5, 2012

Has your employers asked for your Facebook password? Some have!

DuPage County,
Have you heard about this? Employers are now requiring job applicants to hand over their Facebook and other social networking passwords!
Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut) just asked the Department of Justice to investigate this blatant privacy invasion and is working on a bill banning the practice. He deserves our support.
Can you join over 20,000 people on our petition asking the Justice Department to investigate the practice of employers demanding Facebook and other private passwords? Click here.
Imagine the effect this snooping could have. A gay applicant could be outed -- or denied a job -- by a homophobic employer who saw private conversations with friends.
An employer could see a job applicant worry privately to friends about needing a job and offer her a lower starting salary. An employer with an axe to grind could cause all sorts of chaos after accessing an employee's personal photos and messages.
Widespread public uproar helped us defeat SOPA, the Internet censorship bill. Now we need to elevate our voices again to protect online privacy from employers.
Click here to push the Justice Department to investigate employers who demand Facebook and other private social networking passwords from job applicants.
We are working with Senator Blumenthal’s office and will deliver this petition to the Justice Department. We’ll also inform the media about the petition’s momentum so the Justice Department (and employers) know that the public will not stand for this privacy violation.
Thanks for defending the Internet.
-- Amanda Johnson, Andrew Mayersohn, and the PCCC team

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